Monday, November 10, 2008

A new blog looks back on 2008: Part 5

Monica works at the Bryn Athyn cathedral, and is basically the day-of hero to every bride that gets married there. I've shot countless weddings where she spends the day running back and fourth, going far and beyond her call of duty, in order to make each day special and stress-free for every couple.

FINALLY, I got to photographer HER day in the white dress (too bad there aren't doubles of her so she could have her own day-of-hero).

Although the wedding took place in the middle of the hottest summer on the east coast (we're talking 98% humidity and about 101F), and was an outdoor event, we still managed to have fun running all over town all day, stopping wherever we felt inspired to (including the local carnival!), drenched in our own sweat with smiles on our faces!

For the special music before the ceremony, Kieth (brother to Brent of Brit & Brent!) completely surprised her with a song (which he performed AND sang in front of everyone) on his banjo!

running down the Cathedral Hill never felt (or looked) so great:

For their first dance, these two creatives had a big group of family and friends (note the brides grandfather playing guitar) sing them their first song. Wow.

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