Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A new blog looks back on 2008: Part 1 (of lots) - Cairnwood & The Bryn Athyn Cathedral

The smells of burning leaves and pumpkin pies are already starting to pass and November is rearing it's electoral head in promises of all sorts of change.
Where has this year gone?!

I hope these images can relay even a sliver of the stories and amazing moments that the past year of great weddings and shoots has brought. By the way - if your wedding isn't in here, it's not because I don't love you! It's because I'm back and fourth between building albums and trying to FINALLY write something here, and don't have time to get to them all!

I finally got updated, and already it seems I have a years worth of stuff that needs to go up! Not to mention, my second website (boasting a rich blend of rock with a smooth hint of roll) hasn't even made it's REAL debut yet. I promise I'll be working on it now that busy season is calming down!

My first wedding of the year was a relative of mine Kristin (and her husband Joseph), as well as the sister of the groom from the famous "DID THEY REALLY GO UNDER WATER?!" wedding (see it on the site: ) Apparently she takes after his free-spirited "lets-just-have-fun" ways as well. Although there was no soaking in salt water here, this wedding was gorgeous, and certainly one for the books (what with their super-cool grilled cheese cake created by none other than Cakes by Frank-John):

How to save time getting ready? Iron it while it's still on:


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