Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 2008! - (It's June).

I kept meaning to write about "the start of the year" and "how the business/things have been going so far". . . And suddenly the start of the year is ancient history and it's now mid June. Woops?

Although, I guess my lack of writing has been due mostly to the fact that I have been busy as hell, and loving (almost) every minute of it. Busy with so many aspects of my life, which of course includes the good old (or not old, just bought a new body) camera.

Most of 2008 has been oiling the west coast gears and lining up all of my little ducklings.

I'm fairly certain that after this summer (traveling back and fourth between coasts on what feels like a weekly basis) my legs will stop aching from what feels like a constant straddle over the entire country, and start gettin' in perfect shape and balance on both coasts.
And speaking of achy legs, after all of these insanely long days shooting (I'm talking 14 hours-woops-i-forgot-to-take-a-break-days), including an out-door wedding on a 100f humid heat-wave day, my legs don't know if they should be breaking, sleeping, stretching, or crying. I better be in DAMN good shape come the end of this busy season, or else! We're working towards Bi-COASTAL, legs, not bi-POLAR... remember that!

Don't get me wrong, despite sweating 1/2 my body's worth in weight, these past few shoots/weddings have been far more rewarding than I could have asked for. What amazingly unique, talented, and beautiful people I get to work with in this world. Sheesh! How'd a girl get so lucky?

So, to end this first (and very late) blog without getting TOO intense with the novel writing, I leave you with a VERY random photo-re-cap of what my world has looked like these past few months (give or take a few thousand perfect memories and moments).

p.s. i hate the word blog, and although I believe I really have no actual good reason why, i fully hate it. from now on, my blog's are called "phlog's" "Ph.L.O.G" - photography lessons of (a) girl. note: there will most likely be no photography lessons of any sorts going on here.